Adventures Directory for Polk County

In a county with a great temperature all year round it is no wonder that you will find an abundance of watersports and air balloon and air tour opportunities for its locals and tourists too.

Air Adventures

In Clermont you have Seminole Lake Glider port that offers rental, instructions and glider rides.

Balloons and Beyond offer adventure seekers an abundance of fun with hot air balloon rides which open every day. Areas they cover include Sebring, Kissimmee, Walt Disney world, Haines City, Tampa, Winter Haven and more.

Airboat rides are offered by several companies including Kissimmee Airboat Rides at Boggy Creek West and East, TJ’s Airboats, Big Toho Airboat Rides, and Captain Bill’s Airboat adventures.

Hang gliding is another favorite experience in the county with two of the top companies offering rides, lessons and rentals at Groveland’s Quest Air and Davenport’s Wallaby Ranch Hang Gliding. Both these are open seven days a week every day throughout the year due to the great weather in the area.

Helicopter tours are something Polk county locals and visitors also support with great passion. Top companies that offer tours to everyone is the Clermont based Fly High Helicopter Tours, Kissimmee based Orlando Helicenter, sunshine helicopter Tours and Air Florida Helicopter Charters.

Skydiving is a big thing in Polk County too with a myriad of options for everybody. The Waldo Wright’s Flying service are one of the largest, with others also offering their experiences from Coconut Flyers in Ocala, and Warbird Adventures in Kissimmee.


Disney World Marina rentals at Lake Buena Vista offer one of the best and biggest variety of tours and Jet Ski rentals, while scuba diving is equally popular. Scuba lessons and diving from places like Williston’s Blue Grotto Dive Resort where you have access to Florida’s largest clear water dive with 200 foot visibility and depths of 100 feet while waters are approximately 72 degrees.

Waterski and wakeboarding include World Wakeboard Center in Wake land where all ages are welcome with regular camps and schools.