Oyster Season in Polk County

When you live in Polk County you have an abundance of places to get your oyster fix, however visiting Polk County and a craving hits you need to know where to find the best seafood and oysters.

Lake Alfred, Gary’s Oyster Bar & Seafood House

Gary’s is aptly named as you will find the best and freshest oysters. Aside from being the best seafood restaurant you will find if you are a vacationer that here more locals eat than anywhere else. This top restaurant imports their oysters every Friday and Tuesday from Texas and Louisiana. It is a place with history and character with dining room seating bar seating and great for sporting events.

Winter Haven, Harry’s Old Place

It is amazing that a place with an odd name like “Old” could offer the freshest fare. It is a quaint place with nautical décor with a massive array of seafood and oyster dishes and here oysters are either baked or steamed.

Lake Wales, Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak

Opening its doors back in 194o this Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak improves with the years, and even though it is a prominent local hangout, tourists also love the fried, steamed and raw oysters. Each Friday and Tuesday they receive a fresh collection of oysters from Louisiana. It has a quirky, cozy lakefront seating and something that make it stand out even more than its fresh oysters is the houseboat bar.

Winter Haven, Harborside Restaurant

In Winter Haven the Harborside Restaurant is different in more than one way. Here you experience real waterfront dining, with space for you to dock up your boat if you come from the water ways. Three times a week are they ordering their oysters from Apalachicola, Blue Point, Maryland and Cedar Key. With its gray walls, brushed copper, rustic tiles and modern nautical it is a great décor when inside while you can have excellent views of the Chain of Lakes when seated outdoors too.

Lake Wales, Crazy Fish Bar& Grill

Here you find one of the very few restaurants that receive their oysters and other seafood fresh daily. At the Crazy Fish bar they shipments arrive daily from Louisiana and never frozen either. Classic Florida seafood shack with an eclectic atmosphere and outstanding decor to accompany outstanding sea fares.